The placement process of the assembly is the central and especially one of the crucial steps in the production of high quality electronic assemblies. The low-vibration fixing of the PCB is an elementary point! For the large number of assembly modules, which are integrated into the SMD line, there is a corresponding plurality of support systems on the market. But these are almost always associated with high investment expenditure and high equipment costs.

But not with BrushForm:
BrushForm adapts to the contour of the underside of each PCB. This means you only need one set up for the system. It's so easy, you need just a minute for set up and operating errors are almost eliminated. The support system BrushForm is an alternative for your placement machine, which pays for itself in a very short time, because it is cost effective and durable.

About Heeb Systemtechnik:
We offer products and services for the electronic manufacturing industry and support with a focus the placement well as the stencil printing process. Our priority is to achieve cost-saving solutions for process optimization.


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