GENSONIC ultrasonic-stencil-cleaning-system


With GENSONIC you minimize the use of cleaning supplies and eliminate the risk of damaging your stencil. GENSONIC is also characterized by a safe and simple operation.

Becauce of its compact dimensions a direct cleaning inside the printer is possible. 

In a short cleaning time of about 3 minutes you can remove all solder paste and SMD adhesive residues from your stencil.


The advantages:

  • 100 % clean apertures
  • minimal use of cleaning supplies
  • no risk to damage the stencil
  • safe and simple to use
  • easy to handle on a table or on the printer
  • minimal direct contact with detergents
  • short cleaning time: ca. 3 minutes
  • suitable for both stainless steel and plastic stencils
  • accepts both foils or framed stencils