VacuNest ® - PCB-Support-System


VacuNest® has been proven to be a reliable method to support both single and double sided PCBs during the printing process. The system can be adapted on printers, dispensers and pick 'n' place machines. VacuNest® brings the following advantages:


  • short setup time (ca. 1 min after insertion of the PCB)
  • a 100% and stress-free support for all forms
  • “soft” cushion support - no risk to damage a component due to the printing pressure
  • improvement of place and print quality
  • cost saving because of reduced rework and repair costs
  • short "Return on Investment" by eliminating product-specific support



board width: 100 mm . . . 570 mm


standard height: 25 mm and 39 mm

individual customizations possible


board thickness: 8 mm and 12 mm


compatibility: DEK, EKRA, MPM, Essemtec,
ERSA, Speedprint, Fuji, Juki, Assembleon,
Siemens, Panasonic u.a.


transfer head, squeegee, adhesive and solder paste compatible


Last but not least VacuNest®, as an only pneumatic system, is characterized by the service-friendly construction as well as the easy handling and installation.


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