BRUSHFORM - The economic PCB support system for pick 'n' place machines, AOI and SPI


The PCB support system BRUSHFORM of Grundig Business Systems is an economical and durable alternative for your pick and place machines and AOI. By a flat and uniform adjustment of the brushes on the underside of the

PCB, a damping effect is generated and a point stress on the components is excluded.


Because of the easy fixation of any number of modules by magnets on the machine table, there is a small

and simple work effort.


With the use of our flexible PCB support system BRUSHFORM the downtimes and set-up times can be significantly reduced. Indicators such as the OEE, the set performance and quality will be essentially improved.

Thus the system makes an important contribution to the economic success of the company.



  • low acquisition costs
  • simple operation
  • available for almost all pick'n'place machines
  • reliable support even for very thin PCB's
  • optimal adjustment to the underside of the PCB
  • individual, customized dimensions are always possible at short notice
  • any number of modules can be used


  • standard sizes (lengthxwidthxheight):

          400 x 30 x 74 mm

          330 x 30 x 74 mm

          400 x 30 x 94 mm

          330 x 30 x 94 mm

  • individual customizations possible
  • basic equipment:

    3 BRUSHFORM - modules for one machine

  • prepare:

    setup time ca. 60 seconds

  • maintenance:

    BRUSHFORM has a low maintenance and wear,

    replacement brushes re-purchaseable

  • ESD-conform




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